• S.E. Cupp makes a fantastic point — Trump isn’t driven by his ego. He’s driven by his id. And with what’s coming from Mueller and from the Democratic House, his id may decide that the well is dry.


  • Asha Dornfest: Can blogs rebuild America?

    I’m not talking about all of us launching political blogs. I’m talking about reigniting our independent spaces once again. Turning up the volume on our individual voices and real-life stories, sharing our values…

  • My current wish for the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket: Klobuchar/O’Rourke.

  • Doug Russell explains how React Native Accessibility Is Pretty Bad.

  • I am quite eager to see Donald Trump, Jr. in prison:


  • Here’s the reggae version of Country Roads that’s beautiful and that we all need right now.


  • We may be days — or hours, or minutes — from needing to take to the streets.


  • In bed. Picked up my iPad to watch some TV before going to sleep.

    Got a notification about a “memory” for my “four-legged-friends” with a picture of my cat, who I lost earlier this year.

    And for a few minutes I hated Apple and everybody who ever thought this was a good idea.

  • The other page I’m watching is this one, which shows live results: www.vox.com/a/midterm…

  • Here’s the page I’m watching:


    Right now it has a Democratic House at 95% probability.

    Still early, though, and we should be prepared for anything.

  • My predictions: Democrats regain the House, Republicans hold the Senate, Gillum wins, Beto loses narrowly, Abrams goes to a run-off.

  • First numbers start coming in in 15 minutes or so as first polls close. Buckle up. Order pizza.

  • Exit polls are junk. Don’t pay attention.

    For one thing, exit polls had us convinced in 2004 that Kerry was going to cream Bush. Nope.

  • Guam governor will be a Democrat: www.guampdn.com/story/new…

  • A Beto victory still seems less-than-likely to me — but I’d sure love to be surprised. Would be magical.

  • What do you think? Democrats regain the House? Beto wins or loses? How about Abrams and Gillum?

  • Vote! And then pray.


  • It’s Friday, so it’s the age-old question — do you pronounce it T-GIF or T-JIF?

  • All I want for Christmas is for Nov. 6 to be Halloween for Republican politicians.

  • The white nationalists running our country — let’s call them WhiNas — are afraid of babies.

  • Mowed the lawn today. First time in several months. It’s been so dry this year in Seattle.

  • Drinking game: watch Chris Hayes on MSNBC and drink whenever he or a guest says “sort of.” You won’t make it through the hour!

  • rdar://45236539

    On providing a whitelist of acceptable phone numbers, so other calls don’t ring (or buzz) and go straight to voicemail.

  • Maybe the best day of my life?

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