• Fact of life: it always looks like things come easier for other people. Sometimes it’s true, but often it’s not true. And sometimes it’s wildly untrue.

  • I’m not going to change my display name for the Halloween season — but, if I were going to change it, I’d make it Boo Spiders.

  • Fact of life: no matter if you’re a software company, open source app, user group, or just a person, people think you have way more resources (time, money, etc.) than you actually have.

  • If our various Xcoders and CocoaHeads and NSCoder Night groups leave Meetup, what should we do about discoverability?

    We have websites and Twitter accounts and so on, but lots of people just search Meetup for local groups.

  • Just me? Whenever I see a wapo.st URL, I hear it in my head as “Wah Poe Street.”

  • I love that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were nabbed at the airport.

  • I just remembered what I was reading while at that math camp in 1981, when I was 13 — Stranger in a Strange Land. Mom was (and is) a science fiction fan, and she had a lot of classics on her bookshelf, and I read voraciously.

    Anyway: it blew my mind.

  • I’ve posted this before, but I love this picture. Me in 1981 at a summer math camp at St. Mary‘s College.

    A young Brent sitting at a desk with a Coke can. Brent has long hair; he’s wearing slightly tinted glasses and a Space Invaders T-shirt. In the background is a chalkboard with some equations.

  • It’s been the work of a lifetime for me to stop believing that Jim Morrison isn’t really dead and is going to come back.

  • Last reminder — tonight is the Xcoders 15th anniversary!

    It’ll be fun! We’ll even have some out-of-town guests — old friends — you won’t want to miss. Be there!

  • I’m inside one of those moments where everything turned quiet. No noise at work. Hardly any emails coming in. Slack groups aren’t moving.

    What does everyone know that I don’t? Did the Rapture happen?

  • Sometimes I miss focus rings on the Mac. Sure, they were visual clutter, but they solved a real problem for people — which means they weren’t clutter after all.

  • The section on pricing in the Fiery Feeds for Mac announcement is interesting.

    While you can write an iOS and Mac app using pretty much the same code, thanks to Catalyst, you can’t actually do a single subscription for both editions of the app.

  • I think I suffer from gesture overload. I can’t remember all of them, and there are new ones every year.

    There are also changes every year, so the ones I do know don’t work like that anymore.

    This is surely an age thing, right?

  • I’m 51 years old, and I use computers and iOS devices all day, and I admit that I find them more frustrating and hard to use than I ever have.

    There’s just so much more to manage these days. It sucks the second I step outside my comfort zone of apps I regularly use.

  • Yesterday I made a Shared Album in Photos on Mac (Mojave). I dragged 179 photos to it, then switched to view the album. It was empty.

    So I figured drag-and-drop was busted. I clicked “Add photos and videos,” and added them.

    Ended up with two of everything, of course.

  • Last night I learned that you can turn off live photos. I thought they were all just live these days.

    The icon where you tap to turn it off in the camera didn’t really say Live Photos to me. Also: I didn’t know what that row of buttons is for.

  • Random sunset-over-the-Olympics pic taken in my neighborhood. Probably from June.

    The sun is setting over the Olympics. There are sailboats in Puget Sound.

  • I assume Maelstrom is a 32-bit app and won’t run on Catalina. I may need to keep a 10.14 partition forever. And a machine that can run 10.14.

  • TIL: you can find out if you System Integrity Protection (SIP) enabled by running, on the command line, csrutil status.

  • Reminder: it’s Seattle Xcoders unofficial night at Cyclops around 6:30 pm. I’ll be there. 🐣🎩

  • Lots of people call it “Eggplant Wasteland” but its real name is “Baba Ghanouj.”

  • Oldie-but-goodie, from 2013: Brian’s Stupid Feed Tricks

  • We can’t keep using the death of Google Reader as an excuse to give up on the open web.

  • Sometimes I hear it as “Gothic of interest” instead of “conflict of interest,” and I like it my way better.

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