• We just set up @xcoders, for folks in the Seattle and Vancouver, BC areas who go to Xcoders.

    It doesn’t have its own domain yet, but it will.

  • In So Basic It’s Not Even Funny I talk about one of the happiest compliments I’ve ever received.

  • I’m obsessive about turning off notifications on Mac and on iOS. Just about the only thing left is text message notifications. Anything else can wait.

  • I’ve been deleting accounts. StackOverflow and Quora yesterday.

    I had totally forgotten that I had a Quora account until I got the email about it being compromised.

  • Why write about lunch?

    You might wonder why I post what’s for lunch every weekday on the @omni account. Here’s why:

    If I get no other public writing done that day, at least I posted something.

    It’s a quick warmup for my writing muscles.

    It demonstrates the company’s consistency. We post about lunch every work day.

    Most importantly, it serves to humanize the company — we eat lunch, just like everybody else. We like food!

    And I like that you might picture us in the cafeteria enjoying some conversation and something good to eat. Because that’s how it is. :)

  • Hey! I’m on the Micro Monday podcast! Thanks, @macgenie!

    It was so much fun to do. Note to everyone else — when Jean invites you, say yes. :)


  • I dread this time of year with all its year-end retrospectives.

    I remember what happened! It was only just this year! Plus things are continuing to happen! Don’t waste my time!

  • Friday thing! If you know Jake Carter, you know he’s leaving Seattle and moving to California. So there’s a last-day-of-work party at the Art Marble on Westlake, starting at 5 pm.

    If you know Jake, you should be there! (I’ll be there!)

  • Seattle Xcoders unofficial 5th Thursday is tonight at the Water Wheel in Ballard (not Cyclops!) around 7 pm. Be there!

    Well, I can’t make it, unfortunately, but everyone else should go!

  • Why is there no emoji for Thor’s hammer! This 🔨 just isn’t enough.

  • There are still a few days left to invest in Fair Isle Brewing. Here’s a look behind the scenes:


  • They always say to follow your passion. If you’re passionate about something, then that’s good, and you should do it — even if you have to sacrifice for it.

    Paul Manafort’s passion is crimes, apparently. Good on him for sticking to it.

  • You could argue that app developers boycotting Saudi Arabia isn’t the right thing to do. I get it.

    But now I’ve been called a Nazi!


    And mad!


  • If I had an app for sale in the App Store, I’d make it unavailable in Saudi Arabia.

    The private sector — that’s us — can impose our own sanctions on repressive, outlaw regimes.

  • The Concourse, David Roth: This Is All Donald Trump Has Left:

    …living in his America feels like being trapped in a garish casino that is filling with seawater, because that is what it is.

  • There are Facebook offices next door and across the street. I walk by Facebook employees every day during my commute.

    And every day I wonder — earnestly, honestly — what they’re thinking.


  • S.E. Cupp makes a fantastic point — Trump isn’t driven by his ego. He’s driven by his id. And with what’s coming from Mueller and from the Democratic House, his id may decide that the well is dry.


  • Asha Dornfest: Can blogs rebuild America?

    I’m not talking about all of us launching political blogs. I’m talking about reigniting our independent spaces once again. Turning up the volume on our individual voices and real-life stories, sharing our values…

  • My current wish for the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket: Klobuchar/O’Rourke.

  • Doug Russell explains how React Native Accessibility Is Pretty Bad.

  • I am quite eager to see Donald Trump, Jr. in prison:


  • Here’s the reggae version of Country Roads that’s beautiful and that we all need right now.


  • We may be days — or hours, or minutes — from needing to take to the streets.


  • In bed. Picked up my iPad to watch some TV before going to sleep.

    Got a notification about a “memory” for my “four-legged-friends” with a picture of my cat, who I lost earlier this year.

    And for a few minutes I hated Apple and everybody who ever thought this was a good idea.

  • The other page I’m watching is this one, which shows live results: www.vox.com/a/midterm…

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