• Apple should make Interface Builder a separate app, just for the people who still need it. (Now that there’s SwiftUI.)

    I bet this could work. :)

  • I need SwiftUI for outline views. Need need need.

  • Oh hell yes look at this SwiftUI code in NetNewsWire for iOS.

  • Now and again, maybe once a year, I remember how we all got CueCats for free in the mail.

  • My friends at Fair Isle Brewing are hiring a taproom manager and an assistant brewer. Maybe you?

  • How can I symbolicate a crash log for a Mac app? I have the archive in Xcode’s Organizer. This is giving me gas.

  • The web is a conversation. Blog posts can be questions.

  • The future of computing is not the iPad. It’s not iOS or touch interfaces. It’s those things and Macs, TVs, watches, the web, and things we haven’t even seen yet.

    SwiftUI is Apple saying that there’s no one grand answer, no winner to pick. The future is diverse. I like that.

  • With SwiftUI, the Kit is now an implementation detail, subject to change at any time — and it might not even be one of the current Kits at all. It’s a higher level, a new paradigm.

  • My friend Allen Pike had an idea while in San Jose: how about we offer money for things like food and drinks, and those things appear?

    That’s clearly some kind of Canadian communist bullshit, though, and San Jose just doesn’t work like that.

  • Though I had a lovely time seeing friends and making new friends in San Jose, I was so happy when I got off the plane at Sea-Tac and there were all these people. It was crowded and busy and awesome. It was home. I was home.

  • Just playing piano today — getting ready to play a few songs for the Live Near WWDC show.

    My main thing is the solo on “The Optional Song.” I can’t get that melody out of my head now.

    “It’s a programmatic shot in the dark…”

  • I learned about git tagging today, in order to tag the 5.0a1 changeset and push the tag to the server. It was easy. :)

    Next topic will be change management. We’re all on the same page: keep it simple. Develop on master. Branch as infrequently as possible.

  • My Bendii Syndrome worsens by the day.

  • On seeing Playdate, I realized the question we should ask ourselves is: are we working on our own Playdates? I don’t mean hardware necessarily — I mean the thing that seems very difficult, maybe even impossible, that may fail, but is the best expression of our talent and love.

  • I’m sure I took this screenshot because it reminded me of that mug by Steven Frank.

    But look how sensible Safari is. I have trouble using it these days, when I didn’t used to.

    Screenshot of Safari in an earlier, non-flat iOS (2012)

  • When you’re throwing a milkshake, do you leave the lid on, hoping it comes off at impact?

    Or do you take the lid off, with the risk of losing the actual contents mid-flight?

  • Thing I miss from WWDC in SF.

    The neon sign out front of the House of Shields

  • June 6, 2013.

    Screenshot of the Productivity chart in the App Store showing Vesper at #1.

  • Screenshot from 2011.

    Screenshot of an older iOS showing a notification that WWDC is today.

  • Adirondack chair protector cat.

    Squirrel on top of the back of an Adirondack chair.

  • Old disks.

    WWDC 2002 DVDs on a table.

  • I don’t know how I remember, but somehow I do, that the first graphical web browser I ever used was Netscape 0.93b. I remember the version number. (I also remember that all web page backgrounds were gray in that version.)

  • After every single Mac system upgrade, on every single machine I own, my text replacements stop working. I have to reboot to get them to work again. Strange bug.

  • Detail from an old T-shirt.

    WWDC 2007 T-shirt.

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