• My favorite line of my code in my app — which appears in multiple places — is precondition(Thread.isMainThread).

    Because 1) main-thread-only code is easier to read, write, and maintain, and 2) any violations should be noticed by the developer immediately.

  • I would try using Smart Speed®, but I do all my podcast listening on a Mac. Waiting patiently for Overcast for Mac. :)

  • I listen to all my podcasts — no exceptions — at 1x. AMA.

  • What’s the best Geiger counter under $100?

  • Missing Cyberian Outpost today.

  • Jim Willis writes about the Free Internet vs. Internet of Free Stuff.

  • Joe Heck has an update to Using Combine. I expect to rely heavily on his book as I’m learning Combine.

  • This article from 2014 — about why Webster’s 1913 dictionary is amazing, and how you can import it into Dictionary.app — is worth your time if you love words.

  • Mail on Macs and on iOS should have a next-unread command.

  • The impeachment hearings today with Marie Yovanovitch reminded me of my blog post from July 4, 2017, where I thank Square World — where she’s from, where she lives — for everything they do.

  • I’ve said before, and I’ll repeat: I want to see Trump, his family, and his enablers all come to see his election as a personal calamity. They should regret it with every cell in their body.

    I’m sure Manafort and Cohen already do. And now Roger Stone.

  • Sometimes I long for the simplicity of Objective-C.

  • One great benefit to having a free app: I never have to go to App Store Connect to generate IAP promo codes for it.

  • RSS.app is a web service that makes feeds from web pages. (Via John Brayton.)

  • On my blog, Dec. 11, 2015: The Nightmare Scenario.

  • Every cat everywhere dreams of the hot sands of Egypt.

  • With NNW for iOS, we’re finding that, in 13.2, it goes like this:

    App goes to background. Has 20 seconds to finish or stop network or other activity. Then another notification, then 5 seconds later the app is killed.

    This is enough time to basically stop everything. That’s it.

  • Just for the day: typealias WicKedWebView = WKWebView

  • Baseball, it is often said, is a game of failure.

    This makes the Mariners the greatest baseball team of all time.

  • Now that the Nationals have won the World Series, it’s tempting for this Mariners fan to think that one day the Mariners might win it too.

    Tempting, but inaccurate.

  • There has been some discussion about Apple’s developer documentation being less-than-complete, and people have made remarks about the issue of moving to the Cupertino area as a drawback for potential authors.

    But note: Apple is actually hiring in Seattle.

  • I learned today that not everybody’s aware of my personal favorite new feature in iOS 13: context menus. Just tap and hold (if the app supports the feature).

    Example: here’s a screenshot of a context menu in the in-progress NetNewsWire for iOS:

    Screenshot of NetNewsWire for iOS showing an article and a menu of commands.

  • On Catalina, setting NSSavePanel’s nameFieldStringValue works on the first call but not on subsequent calls.

    Let’s say you have an accessory view, and a change there needs to be reflected in the proposed file name. Works in Mojave, but not in Catalina.

  • This is the post-to-Twitter sheet from NetNewsWire 1.0 for iPad in 2010. Crazy how we used to do interfaces in those days. (Design by Brad Ellis, naturally.)

    Screenshot of NetNewsWire 1.0 for iPad showing a very ornate sheet for posting to Twitter.

  • Here’s what my blog inessential.com looks like in the Finder. Its 20th birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. :)

    Screenshot of the Finder showing the years and months of the posts in inessential.com. First post was November 7, 1999.

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