• Another reason our pandemic may be forgotten is highlighted by Doc Searls’s post Will our digital lives leave a fossil record?

    There’s no hard copy of our current times, and everything digital is impermanent.

  • I keep thinking how the 1918 pandemic was followed by the Roaring Twenties.

  • It’s all I can do to stop myself from going through all of Crafting Interpreters in one sitting.

  • Today I ran across this blog post I wrote in 2015, and it might be the post that sums up my coding philosophy the best.

    It’s from a series of articles on not-crashing, but it’s about the mindset of not-crashing.

  • Dear extroverts, we love you, but me and my fellow introverts are not going to be able to save you.

  • I keep remembering that a vaccine is a year-and-a-half away, and so there’s every reason to think we’ll be doing this for that long.

  • I hate to say this, but — if your face itches due to facial hair, and you keep touching your face, it might be time to shave. Just for the duration. You can let it grow back later.

  • “Don’t multiply entities” is not just a great razor — it’s also words to live by when designing an app.

  • I watch TV now just for the scenes of people in restaurants, so I can remember what it was like.

  • Please join me in calling it the “Trump virus” from now on.

  • In honor of tonight’s WA state primary, we’re making sloppy joes for dinner.

  • Me DuckDuckGo-ing:

    when’s lunch
    is anyone else hungry
    could we have lunch now please
    what about lunch
    did I miss lunch
    is it okay to wait under my desk
    do people just hate lunch nowadays
    can I survive on sugar-free mints
    why does the very air hate me
  • Why do AppStoreConnect and Xcode Organizer show different crash logs for a given TestFlight build?

  • This is your periodic reminder that macopenweb.com has some pretty good lists.

  • You know that “this milk has gone sour, taste it” thing?

    In that spirit, have a taste of https://knewz.com/.

  • Is there no way, on iOS, to specify the default RSS reader — that is, specify the app that handles the feed and feeds URL schemes?

    It looks like Apple News always handles it, no matter what, and then doesn’t actually do anything with it. Which cuts out every RSS reader.

  • I just renewed therecord.co for three years (the max it would let me). It gives me great pleasure to keep that site going. I keep hoping Chris and I will find the time to do a second season.

  • When we released NetNewsWire for iOS build 28, we were down to 16 bugs.

    Now, with build 29, we’re down to 18 bugs.


  • Slack is the Emacs of today.

  • A pet peeve is when politicians or pundits say “we have a president” or “we have an administration” when they just mean “the president” or “the administration.” I don’t think the “we have a” part adds anything but words.

  • I wish those filthy cheaters the Houston Asterisks would go back to the National League where they belong.

  • People on the NetNewsWire Slack are suddenly talking about a Mac app called Hammerspoon, which I’d not heard of before, but which sounds really cool.

  • Sometimes I think that if web browsers were written entirely for the benefit of the people who use them, then the internet economy would collapse.

  • Laptop Capri steals content from Six Colors and, I presume, other places. It’s weird because it appears to translate from English to another language and then back to English.

    It cracks me up! “icon clothier extraordinaire Brad Ellis” and “so there shall be insects”!

  • In a dream last night, I’m back in high school, and it’s a Kafkan nightmare. Utterly realistic.

    But then my subconscious gives me a Christmas gift. @macgenie shows up! We start talking excitedly about people who could be guests on our respective podcasts. True! 🥃

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