• On seeing Playdate, I realized the question we should ask ourselves is: are we working on our own Playdates? I don’t mean hardware necessarily — I mean the thing that seems very difficult, maybe even impossible, that may fail, but is the best expression of our talent and love.

  • I’m sure I took this screenshot because it reminded me of that mug by Steven Frank.

    But look how sensible Safari is. I have trouble using it these days, when I didn’t used to.

    Screenshot of Safari in an earlier, non-flat iOS (2012)

  • When you’re throwing a milkshake, do you leave the lid on, hoping it comes off at impact?

    Or do you take the lid off, with the risk of losing the actual contents mid-flight?

  • Thing I miss from WWDC in SF.

    The neon sign out front of the House of Shields

  • June 6, 2013.

    Screenshot of the Productivity chart in the App Store showing Vesper at #1.

  • Screenshot from 2011.

    Screenshot of an older iOS showing a notification that WWDC is today.

  • Adirondack chair protector cat.

    Squirrel on top of the back of an Adirondack chair.

  • Old disks.

    WWDC 2002 DVDs on a table.

  • I don’t know how I remember, but somehow I do, that the first graphical web browser I ever used was Netscape 0.93b. I remember the version number. (I also remember that all web page backgrounds were gray in that version.)

  • After every single Mac system upgrade, on every single machine I own, my text replacements stop working. I have to reboot to get them to work again. Strange bug.

  • Detail from an old T-shirt.

    WWDC 2007 T-shirt.

  • Things photographed in 2007 before being disposed of.

    Compact discs and DVDs on a table: CodeWarrior, BeOS, Cyberdog, Roaster, and WebSTAR and ListSTAR.

  • A random picture of my Dock in 2007.

    Macintosh Dock, on the right side of a screen, showing Finder, MarsEdit, NetNewsWire, Camino, BBEdit, Terminal, VoodooPad, Mailsmith, Mail, iChat, Applications folder, Home folder, and Trash.

  • Fence cat.

    Raccoon walking along a fence.

  • One thing I’ll be watching for at WWDC: how much will UIKit change due to the needs of Marzipan?

  • A little rain won’t stop our parade.

  • Due to extreme lactose intolerance, I have never had a Seattle Dog. Nonstop crying dot gif.

  • Get your official Ballard name in time for Syttende Mai.

  • Me: Let’s do everything on the main thread.

    Also me: No! Not those things! Obviously not those things!

  • With the property up for sale, my bet is that the Waterwheel will be shutting down. I’ve seen more of my friends sing songs there than any place else in the world. I’ve played more ping-pong there than at any other bar.

  • Further proof that the internet has collapsed all of space and time: I use YouTube to listen to music that was originally pressed on 78 rpm records.

  • There are two stages to getting older.

    Stage 1: “Can you believe how long it’s been since [popular song] by [popular act]? Crazy, right? So many years! Wow, I’m old.”

    Stage 2: “I’ve never heard of that song.”

  • One of my neighborhood’s cool traditions is the yearly Syttende Mai parade. It’s happening this Friday.

  • Two random but related Mac System Preferences tips: View > Organize Alphabetically and View > Customize.

  • This picture was taken the day of the Final Four games. The stadium reminded me of the Jawa droid transport ship. (And a little bit of a Viking ship as designed by Darth Vader’s crack Imperial design team.)

    US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

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