• Here’s Gus, my childhood cat, missed for all these many years, with a yellow toy.

  • Micro Monday: pick @ccgus. (Gus was the name of my cat. Short for Caesar Augustus Cat Simmons. This is a different Gus.)

  • I’m trying to finish up the design of Evergreen’s timeline, and all feedback is appreciated. Just be sure you have the latest version.

  • Greeners — it’s a two-update day!

    This one is all about the timeline. Moved avatars and feed icons to the right side. Removed grid lines. Made titles bigger. Plus other small tweaks.

  • Greeners — check for updates! You can mark articles as starred/unstarred.

  • Dave Winer posted a picture of the UserLand Frontier box.

    What an amazing app. Without it there might never have been blogs, RSS, podcasting, OPML, and plenty more we take for granted now. But note the dates on the back of the box: Frontier wasn’t written for the web.

  • Say you’re looking at a Starred items smart feed in an app. You unstar one of the items. Should it disappear right away?

  • Testing a thing.

  • For any Mac users who unfortunately still need to be on Twitter sometimes: Twitterrific for Mac is on sale — $7.99 down from $19.99.

  • Greeners! Check for Updates! Just some small things in this release — but including a “Donate to App Camp for Girls” menu item in the Help menu.

    The Help menu is now a place where you can help. :)

  • I was an OmniOutliner user long before coming to work at @omni. It was my privilege to help work on the new OmniOutliner 3 for iOS (the first iOS work I’ve done in years).

    Here’s what’s new. It’s a free trial on the App Store.

    Get it while it’s hot!

  • He hunts bugs. He fights on stage with swords. He knew Shakespeare personally.

    He’s @orionp, Software Test Pilot — and the guest on the latest The Omni Show.

  • Say you’re writing a feed reader that supports h-feed.

    Say you identify each feed in your system by URL. (What else would you use?)

    Then say you come across a page with two embedded h-feeds. What do you do? How do you identify them in your system?

  • I’m defining development, alpha, beta, and final for Evergreen a little bit differently than is normal.

  • 83% completed.

    It’s starting to seem like I might ship this thing this actual year.

  • Screenshot of a recent commit to Evergreen. There’s a new Help menu item that calls it.

  • Daring Fireball: The Threat to the Mac: the Growing Popularity of Non-Native Apps

    If the Mac devolves into a platform where people just use web browsers and cross-platform Electron apps, it might as well not exist, because the only remaining thing that would distinguish it from other desktop OSes is iCloud integration.

  • I’ll never get over the thing about how dilemna changed its spelling retroactively to dilemma, which looks and is ridiculous.

  • Women are gonna take charge of society.

    -Steve Bannon

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