• Slack is the Emacs of today.

  • A pet peeve is when politicians or pundits say “we have a president” or “we have an administration” when they just mean “the president” or “the administration.” I don’t think the “we have a” part adds anything but words.

  • I wish those filthy cheaters the Houston Asterisks would go back to the National League where they belong.

  • People on the NetNewsWire Slack are suddenly talking about a Mac app called Hammerspoon, which I’d not heard of before, but which sounds really cool.

  • Sometimes I think that if web browsers were written entirely for the benefit of the people who use them, then the internet economy would collapse.

  • Laptop Capri steals content from Six Colors and, I presume, other places. It’s weird because it appears to translate from English to another language and then back to English.

    It cracks me up! “icon clothier extraordinaire Brad Ellis” and “so there shall be insects”!

  • In a dream last night, I’m back in high school, and it’s a Kafkan nightmare. Utterly realistic.

    But then my subconscious gives me a Christmas gift. @macgenie shows up! We start talking excitedly about people who could be guests on our respective podcasts. True! 🥃

  • It occurs to me that not everybody around the world knows the alternate lyrics.

    Jingle bells
    Batman smells
    Robin laid an egg
    The Batmobile lost a wheel
    And the Joker got away
  • The Seahawks have lost their top three running backs to season-ending injuries — and this team relies, more than most, on its running game.

    But now I read that Marshawn Lynch might come back. That would be a real Christmas miracle!

  • The impeachment and upcoming trial in the Senate is not so much a test of Trump but of Republicans in Congress, as a party and as individuals.

    So far they are utterly failing, but perhaps a few will find their patriotism and avoid the condemnation of history.

  • Jeff Huang writes This Page is Designed to Last.

  • Let’s call him #3 instead of #45.

  • This is a serious and somber day, and I feel like dancing.

    I won‘t apologize for this — whenever there is some measure of long-delayed and much-needed justice, however small, I’m elated.

  • Baby Vodka

  • Cyclops Christmas tree ornament made by Carmen. Ornament is sitting on a lemur who’s holding a sonic screwdriver while enjoying the company of an astronaut and a chickie. (The photobombing pin is from MORE marketing materials.)

    Cyclops Christmas tree ornament is a single blue eye.

  • Family member, notorious for using iPhone dictation, sends text re medical status of another family member — who “shows no signs of infection, which is always good with a Punctured Oregon.”

  • My New Year’s resolution is probably gonna be to get a hearing aid. Fuck.

  • It’s 12/12 — and I always remember that Q Branch was officially founded 12/12/12. We shipped Vesper mid-year 2013. It really was that long ago.

  • Anil Dash, “Link In Bio” is a slow knife:

    And the ultimate triumph of being anti-web is to make links scarce. The smallest possible number of links a platform could allow is zero, so Instagram gets as close to that theoretical limit as possible, and gives you… one. You can have one link. Aren’t you grateful? One!

  • I’m the guy who gets Thanos and Theranos mixed-up.

  • The House of Representatives published articles of impeachment today I KNOW BUT GET A LOAD OF THIS MAC PRO PRICING!

  • I like to make band names from Swift programming terms.

    Static Void would be a great punk rock band. Public Func would be something like Earth, Wind, & Fire. Internal would be a Smiths cover band. Final Class would play old-fashioned jump blues with a horn section. Etc.

  • Please stop using the word “consume” when you mean read, watch, or listen to. It makes us sound like animals being force-fed our entertainment and info “experiences.”

  • I take a bus to work — but maybe in the future I’ll be able to take a water taxi. I would love that.

  • My favorite line of my code in my app — which appears in multiple places — is precondition(Thread.isMainThread).

    Because 1) main-thread-only code is easier to read, write, and maintain, and 2) any violations should be noticed by the developer immediately.

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