• Sometimes I hear it as “Gothic of interest” instead of “conflict of interest,” and I like it my way better.

  • That coked-up piano line in the theme music to Succession.

  • The only people burned by the switch from CRT to LCD monitors were cats.

  • Sure, it looks like a piece of junk — but on this Apple Extended Keyboard II I’ve written NetNewsWires 1, 2, 3, and 5. And MarsEdit 1, TapLynx, Glassboard, Vesper, and some smaller apps.

    Still going strong after almost 25 years!

    IMG 3773

  • If you live in the Seattle area, and you’re looking for a quilting guild to join, take a look at Quilters Anonymous.

  • Is there an iOS 13 bug with deleting NSUserActivity? Or are we doing something wrong? Help!

    See Maurice Parker’s NSUserActivityDeleteTest repo, which is a simple test case for this.

  • I was quite convinced that “thunderbolt” isn’t even a real word.

    But my Webster’s has it: “A shaft of lightning; a brilliant stream of electricity passing from one part of the heavens to another, or from the clouds to the earth.”

    So, anyway, it’s just about margaritas time.

  • Well I just realized — it took me this long — that the name “Thunderbolt” makes no sense. Thunder doesn’t have bolts.

  • Don’t hate me for this.

    Screenshot of Mail showing an empty inbox.

  • This being Seattle, Eddie Vedder jumped up on stage to help sing “Devil Doll.” So cool.

  • In the past two days I’ve seen The English Beat, X, and Squeeze. AMA.

  • In the latest Xcoders podcast, Liz Marley and Jared Sorge talk with fellow Xcoder Aleen Simms about her cool new App Launch Map.

  • For people who listen to The Talk Show — I happened to be on the phone with Jim Dalrymple after recording of his recent guest appearance, but before it was published, so I hadn’t heard it.

    First thing Jim says to me: “Hi, brother. I still have to change my icon.”

  • My favorite part of the (well-done) review of NetNewsWire on The Sweet Setup: “Everything about NNW 5 is lightning fast and I haven’t found a single crash in my use so far.”

    Exactly what we were going for. 🐥💥

  • Theory: the people you pay attention to have blogs and/or podcasts. Rarely are they Twitter-only people.

  • The clouds have burned off, and it will be a beautiful night on the Rob Roy patio. Old Fashioned for me.

  • I’ll be at the unofficial Xcoders thing tonight — probably get there around 6:30. At the Cyclops in Belltown. Look for the guy who looks like he’s about to ship an app. :)

  • One thing I haven’t said enough… I’m doing my best to make NetNewsWire a great app and I want it to be a huge success.


    If you use another RSS reader — such as Reeder, Unread, ReadKit, or one of the browser-based apps — I’m still happy. All good. :)

  • I’m sick of Republican presidents making me lose money.

    (I’m way more sick of the racism and cruelty and everything else — but I figured I’d also point out that they’re terrible for investments, too.)

  • Bring. Technorati. Back.

    (Or something like it but modern, of course.)

  • WordPress, it should be noted, is not evil. Which is refreshing and awesome and still a surprise, given how this industry is.

  • When I’m doing web work, I have two goals:

    • Make the content interesting enough that people will want to use the Reader button so they can read it.

    • Make the design so readable that they don’t have to actually use that button.

  • These junior raccoons are sleeping on the roof of my garage. There’s an apple tree behind them — I suspect they might have overdone it a bit on no-longer-perfectly-ripe apples. Poor kids.

    Two raccoons curled up together and sleeping on the roof of a garage.

  • I’ll never understand the lessons of Star Wars. If you’re emotional about your friends and family, that‘s… bad?

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