• Here’s a version of the logo for The Record that we didn’t use, but that’s cool. Made by @bradellis.

  • My role in the creation of podcasting will not be remembered or noticed. Quite rightly.

    I was working for Dave Winer then. Adam Curry had just blogged a thing about “the last mile” — about getting big files from the fast lane to your actual home. The last mile was the slow part.

    Dave was an early riser and me a very late riser — even though we were both in Pacific time, it was as if he was in New York and I was in Hawaii.

    So Dave must have pondered the issue overnight and part of the morning.

    When I finally woke up, I had an email (I think) asking me to call him. Or maybe he noticed I was online and called me.

    At any rate, he said something to the effect of this: “How about an enclosure element in RSS that has a URL and file size, and then your reader would just download that file overnight, while you’re asleep?”

    I remember thinking: damn, this is way too early (it was probably around 11 am), and I’m not totally awake yet.

    But I said something like, “Yeah, sounds good. I see no problems with that.”

    I could have been extracted from the story and it still would have happened exactly the same way.

    But still, I like being the guy who said, “Yeah, sounds good.” :)

  • I just discovered that 1) my iPhone has a magnifier tool, and 2) I can put it into those special controls that I can swipe to.

    Which means I don’t have to use the flashlight plus squinting to pay my bar bill tonight!

  • Yesterday I started learning OmniGraffle. FEAR MY POWER.

  • If you subscribe to the US Holidays calendar (on Mac or iOS), and you’ve wondered about that mysterious “Holi” day on March 2, then the answer (via @jsorge) is that it’s a Hindu spring festival — which includes a “free-for-all festival of colors,” which sounds totally awesome.

  • On Twitter (I know, but this is good) there’s a #BotRapture tag.

    Apparently Twitter nuked a ton of bots — a long-overdue move — and a whole bunch of people are complaining that they’ve lost thousands of followers.

    Now is the time for laughing.

  • It’s oddly fun to look at someone else’s app’s view hierarchy in Xcode.

  • Doug Russell: Speak Up

    SpeakUp, as well as the open source components it sits on top of, will support a robust plugin architecture to allow individuals or groups to tune, tweak, or totally overhaul the accessibility of an app.

  • BrettTerpstra.com: OmniOutliner 3 (+giveaway!)

  • Here’s Hal Mueller’s talk at the most recent Xcoders on using the AppleScript Scripting Bridge.

  • Seattle Xcoders westside unofficial thing will be at the Cyclops on Thursday (tomorrow) at 6pm. (It’s okay to arrive later: we’re there for a while.) All are welcome! Find us in back, in the raised section.

  • Pixel Envy, Nick Heer: Your ‘Lite’ App Should Be Your Only App

    This reminds me of a secret I (mostly) kept — NetNewsWire Lite was always my favorite version of NetNewsWire.

    And as I’m working on Evergreen, I keep reminding myself to keep to the spirit of NetNewsWire Lite.

  • What feeds should I be subscribed to?

    (It’s okay to give me blog URLs instead of feed URLs: I can find the actual feeds.)

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