• Mowed the lawn today. First time in several months. It’s been so dry this year in Seattle.

  • Drinking game: watch Chris Hayes on MSNBC and drink whenever he or a guest says “sort of.” You won’t make it through the hour!

  • rdar://45236539

    On providing a whitelist of acceptable phone numbers, so other calls don’t ring (or buzz) and go straight to voicemail.

  • Maybe the best day of my life?

  • Some bar in Seattle in 2013.

  • Truly great game.

  • Marcus Aurelius, Lounge Squirrel.

  • From backstage and above at the 2016 James Dempsey and the Breakpoints conference near WWDC.

  • May 27, 2017 — right near Memorial Day — at the Tahoma Veterans Cemetery. Rainier in the distance.

  • Out back at The Civic in San Jose.

  • From the rooftop lounge at The Nines in Portland.

  • Taken while inside a bar in Portland. Maybe Kelly’s Olympian?

  • Altair 8800 computer seen at livingcomputers.org

  • Before the show: James Dempsey and the Breakpoints Live Near WWDC. The person is probably John Fox.

  • Closeup of a tree stump in North Dakota, near Butte. Trees in the distance.

  • In the ALCS, I’m rooting for the Red Sox, since it seems only appropriate that an American League team win the American League Championship Series.

  • Max Boot writes:

    In 1964, the GOP ceased to be the party of Lincoln and became the party of Southern whites. As I now look back with the clarity of hindsight, I am convinced that coded racial appeals had at least as much, if not more, to do with the electoral success of the modern Republican Party than all of the domestic and foreign policy proposals crafted by well-intentioned analysts like me. This is what liberals have been saying for decades. I never believed them. Now I do, because Trump won by making the racist appeal, hitherto relatively subtle, obvious even to someone such as me who used to be in denial.

  • If @macgenie can’t be the new Doctor, well, Jodie Whittaker is an excellent second choice. I love the new series.

  • Legitimation crisis is a thing worth knowing about:


  • Goddamn Yankees.

  • Remind me again how it doesn’t matter because Hillary’s just about as bad as this guy anyway. I dare you.

  • All this outrage from Republican Senators about Democrats.

    Remember. Merrick. Garland.

  • Who’s going to Swift by Northwest in Portland this October?


  • Papa.

  • When I was doing design for Glassboard, I was — despite my instincts and temperament — all in on the crazy style of the day. This is a Photoshop mockup, but it’s close to what we shipped.

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