• More from my recent Google search history:

    do people skip lunch these days
    is lunch too old-fashioned
    why wouldn’t it be lunchtime
    did we get in trouble for some reason
    seems like lunchtime right
    series 4 apple watch comes with lunch?
    stackoverflow but for lunch
    why god hates me?
  • Just realized that I’m the Garfield of the Mac development world.

  • My recent Google history:

    when is lunch
    what time is lunchtime
    is it lunch now
    when can we eat
    when can we eat lunch?
    is it time for lunch now
    is now the time for lunch
    what happened to lunch time is it still a thing
    what about me
  • I’m confused by all the heroines named Danvers. Is it just coincidence — no relation intended?

  • When I was a teenager, my great-grandmother had developed Alzheimer’s. She came from money — beer money, literally; her family owned the Keer-Gruber (no relation to John) brewery in Newark, NJ in the 1800s — and, when she was young, her family had a chauffeur.

    So, in her later years, after a Tom Collins or two and some time spent watching Tom and Jerry cartoons, and trying to pet — and getting bit by — Max or Black, the housecats — she would eventually turn to me and ask, “James, would you bring the car around?”

    I’m not sure how I replied. I probably said, “Sure.”

    (The chauffeur’s name was James, yes.)

    Max the cat was named for Maxwell Smart, naturally.

  • A thing — a technology, app category, whatever — does not have to capture the attention of the entire internet to be a success and to be a good, useful thing.

  • My heart tells me it’s lunchtime, but my head tells me it’s not.

  • Wake up, go to work, post cat pictures.


  • Dana Blankenhorn: No More Mr. Nice Liberal

  • Little Mac thing people may not know about:

    When you see a popover, often (though not always), it can be detached — you can drag it by the top and turn it into a floating window.

    (An example is the View Options popover in OmniFocus.)

  • One day we’ll understand why we have to quit iTunes to install Xcode.

    I wonder what that day will be like.

  • I’m still writing “Xcode 10 beta 6” on all my checks.

  • Mojave available the 24th! I think I heard that right.

  • It just continues!

  • This is feeling long now.

  • Applying espresso and a chocolate donut. Hopefully this will even up the odds a bit.

  • Based on recent Apple events, odds are 40-60 on my being able to stay awake. I wish they were better.

  • Me in OmniStudio, recording a podcast by… spacing out and staring at something nobody else can see? Not sure!


  • In case you missed it — NetNewsWire has a microblog account now: micro.blog/netnewswi…

  • I got stung by a wasp last night. Second time this summer. This time on my head — on my right temple. It still throbs a little bit.

    That’s what I do now. I get stung. It’s my new thing.

  • Dark mode support is in the latest NetNewsWire!

  • My Mom used to have an ocecat who was beautiful and marvelous and angry all the time.

    If that cat had only realized that we just wanted to pet him and play with him, he could have been happy!

    So easy. So obvious. But he never saw it.

  • If you’re like me, and your first two initials are PB (PBS in my case), does that mean you have to eat peanut butter every day?

    Maybe, maybe not. Best to go for it, just in case.

  • Manton Reece: The way out

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