• Some days are just a hard days’ bloggin’.

    And writing podcast show notes and a newsletter. I couldn’t be luckier than to get to write for a living.

  • Currently obsessed with trying to learn to play this song by RL Burnside: www.youtube.com/watch

    Looks easy. Isn’t easy — not to get it right.

  • Who’s going to SwiftxNW in Portland later this year? (I’m honestly interested in who’s attending, so please reply if you are.)

  • I published a gist of a blog post draft — I’m going to re-work it into several posts instead of posting it as-is.


  • I just killed one of my darlings.

    (I often think of Objective-C as a liquid and Swift as a solid. Or: Objective-C is a full-grown cat, while Swift is a puppy.)

    It might come back, though.

  • It took us a month to have the emotional ability to post a memorial to Best Friends for our beloved cat Papa.


  • I’m quite enjoying Icro.

    Except that when I see it on my home screen I keep reading the name as Ichiro.

    I’ve decided that that’s a feature.

  • Open G tuning is my new best friend. I’ve been listening to the Rolling Stones constantly. I understand their sound way better now.

  • So glad to be going to San Jose. So glad to be not attending WWDC itself. I think I’m up to something like six or seven years not actually going to the conference.

  • RSS fans — check out RiverNews:


  • The Developers Union:


  • I just got a slide for my guitar and now I’ve tuned it to open E and now I’m learning to play No Expectations and I feel cool like Keith Richards.

  • Unofficial Seattle Xcoders night! Cyclops at 6 pm. Be there!

  • People may not realize that @Agiletortoise, @manton, and I all know each from the late ’90s as part of the Frontier community.

    For me it’s easy to see how the lessons we learned then, and interests we developed, are still shaping our work so many years later.

  • OmniLunch: French toast yesterday, burgers today.

    When, many years from now, they speak of the Golden Age of apps, they will literally mean April 4-5, 2018.

  • The RSS revival is happening.

  • Happy birthday to me! Fifty! 🎩

  • Scripting News:

    Then Google comes into the house, uninvited, and says that electricity is too dangerous.

  • Our friends at “App: The Human Story” are looking for beta testers for The Developers Union.

  • From 1993, here’s Simson Garfinkel’s book on programming NeXTSTEP 3.0.

    Note how far we’ve come. And note how far we haven’t come.

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