• Like all good Americans, I’ll be rooting for the Rams today. Go Rams!

  • I had 12 bugs. After working pretty hard and fixing a half-dozen or so bugs, now I have 11 bugs.

  • I have never taken a selfie.

  • More of my recent searches:

    can lunch be had by people
    did everyone forget lunch
    did they ban lunch forever
    it’s okay if lunch is whatever can we just have it
    do they also hate kitties and puppies
    am i asking too much to survive these days

  • My recent DuckDuckGo searches:

    When’s lunch
    Seems like lunchtime
    Is lunch still a thing we do
    Could we have lunch now
    Did raccoons take my lunch
    How long can we go without food
    Hosting a Donner party

  • My brain was originally discovered in a jellyfish.

  • Listening to Son House today. Just in that particular mood.

    (If you have Apple Music, look him up.)

  • Edgar! Number 11! Señor Double!!!


  • Earthlings have largely, and unknowingly, accepted me as one of their own, so far.


  • 512 Pixels: Twitter is Over

  • Yes, “Shake Em on Down” has been my obsession for a while. One thing I love about songs like this is how very different is each artist’s take.

  • Shake Em on Down performed by Bill Withers:


  • Shake Em on Down performed by All Night Long Blues Band:


  • Shake Em on Down performed by Mississippi Fred McDowell:


  • Shake Em on Down performed by Samantha Fish on a cigar box guitar:


  • Shake Em on Down performed by RL Burnside:


  • Shake Em on Down performed by Bukka White:


  • I got some new outlets in my very old house, and it’s better than Christmas.

  • Got in to work early today — and now freaking out because it’s not lunch time yet.

    I’m the Garfield.

  • Here’s that same sticker but with a cat’s paw, this being the internet and all.

    Name tag sticker with the handwritten name “Unsubscribe” — and a gray tabby’s paw on top of the sticker.

  • I’ve saved this sticker for more than ten years.

    I was at some party (probably at WWDC), and Merlin Mann was making custom name tags for people.

    On mine — because I was the NetNewsWire guy — he wrote “Unsubscribe.” I love this! (This is an old picture, but I still have the sticker.)

    Name tag sticker where the handwritten name says Unsubscribe.

  • In the future, everyone will launch their own streaming service.

  • To take a screenshot that includes the mouse pointer, I expected the “Show Mouse Pointer” option in the screenshot app to work.

    But no.

    Instead I take a QuickTime screen recording, enter full screen, play it back, stop on the frame I want, then take a screenshot. Ugh.

  • The web will, eventually, make everyone a crime victim.

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