• I got some new outlets in my very old house, and it’s better than Christmas.

  • Got in to work early today — and now freaking out because it’s not lunch time yet.

    I’m the Garfield.

  • Here’s that same sticker but with a cat’s paw, this being the internet and all.

    Name tag sticker with the handwritten name “Unsubscribe” — and a gray tabby’s paw on top of the sticker.

  • I’ve saved this sticker for more than ten years.

    I was at some party (probably at WWDC), and Merlin Mann was making custom name tags for people.

    On mine — because I was the NetNewsWire guy — he wrote “Unsubscribe.” I love this! (This is an old picture, but I still have the sticker.)

    Name tag sticker where the handwritten name says Unsubscribe.

  • In the future, everyone will launch their own streaming service.

  • To take a screenshot that includes the mouse pointer, I expected the “Show Mouse Pointer” option in the screenshot app to work.

    But no.

    Instead I take a QuickTime screen recording, enter full screen, play it back, stop on the frame I want, then take a screenshot. Ugh.

  • The web will, eventually, make everyone a crime victim.

  • When I was a kid, before the web, grifters and con men were exotic. We knew them through TV and movies only.

    But now the odds are looking pretty near 100% that you will be a victim of grifters at some point.

    Not sure this whole thing was worth it.

  • The Grim Reaper is just a title. His actual name is Centrum Silver.

  • Nothing has made me feel my mortality more keenly than buying vitamins yesterday.

    Centrum Silver.

    If it was just “Centrum for men 50 and older,” I would have been fine.

    Goddamn Centrum Silver.

    Laugh it up now while you can, but know that Centrum Silver is coming for you too.

  • If the Latest Facebook Revelations Won’t Get You to Delete It, What Will?

    Facebook’s practices are the online equivalent of a home invasion: Zuckerberg rooting around in your underwear drawer for the good stuff.

  • Of course it’s “not my father’s Republican party.” My Dad’s a Democrat. Who watches Rachel Maddow every night.

    (Yes, I have TV on. I know they can’t hear me.)

  • Donald Trump’s signature reminds me of the Dow.

  • My favorite TV show these days is Leah Remini’s show about Scientology.

  • I wonder how many more times Facebook will apologize most sincerely for terrible things.

  • Pretty exciting news for our friends at Black Pixel!


    And again I’m reminded of how super-nice they were about NetNewsWire coming back home.

  • The only notifications I allow on my iPhone are for text messages. It’s nice not to be bugged all the time.

  • Republicans always screw up the stock market. It’s the worst reason that I vote for Democrats — but it is a reason.

  • Reminder — no talks at the Xcoders meeting in Seattle tonight. But there’s still a meeting, at the Cyclops in Belltown. Come hang out! I’ll be there.

  • I’m up to four Micro.blog accounts now! Love this service. So much thanks go to @manton and @macgenie for everything they do.

  • Part of my maturation process — which I’m undergoing slowly, with great reluctance — is learning to cut down on the number of things I’m willing to fight about.

    Trying to pick the ones that really matter is hard.

  • We just set up @xcoders, for folks in the Seattle and Vancouver, BC areas who go to Xcoders.

    It doesn’t have its own domain yet, but it will.

  • In So Basic It’s Not Even Funny I talk about one of the happiest compliments I’ve ever received.

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