• Cohen’s plea implicates a candidate: talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/ba…

  • Michael Cohen is a criminal: www.washingtonpost.com/world/nat…

  • Paul Manafort is a criminal: www.washingtonpost.com/world/nat…

  • Current obsession is listening to every cover of Shake ’Em On Down I can find on YouTube.

    Here‘s a very recent one from Samantha Fish playing a cigar-box four-string.


  • Slough? Small lake? Farm. Birds. ND.

  • Gravel road in North Dakota.

  • Got my blog working again! Many thanks to @veganstraightedge for his expert Ruby help.

  • When the bean bag chair in my office develops a taste for human flesh

  • Mojave broke the blog publishing system I wrote for inessential.com (and others). Ugh.

    Some Ruby deprecation issue. I totally don’t know what to do. Grrr.

  • My Ballard: Fair Isle Brewing to join the Ballard brewery scene.

    Geoffrey Barker, the guy with the biggest beard in the picture in the article, is a friend. His beer is good!

    I went to their website and joined the mailing list. Totally looking forward to the opening next year.

  • There is no scenario where Twitter turns back into the thing we loved.

  • Baby rabbit who lives under some brush in Seattle.

  • In my visit to North Dakota it was over 100 degrees for a couple days, and there was smoke from fires hundreds of miles away. We noted the plaque in the hotel showing the level where the Souris River flooded a few years back.

    But I didn’t bring up global warming to anybody.

  • Is there a Mac email client that works with IMAP and is fast? I’ve been having trouble with Mail’s performance.

    (It may just be my immense impatience.)

  • Here’s the bar in Benedict — the Hitching Post. Nothing on tap. Everything in bottles and cans. Folding tables.

    I had good fried chicken and a couple Miller Lites.

    The railroad tracks, which mark the edge of town, are on the other side of the elevators. (The other edge of town is a five-minute walk the other direction.)

    A rustic bar with grain elevators behind it

  • Here’s the jail in Benedict, ND.

    IMG 3136

  • I’m back from a week’s vacation in North Dakota. Here’s the Garrison Dam power station at dusk.

    IMG 3215

  • When I used Twitter, I used the website sometimes — and never saw any ads ever for my main account.

    But I did see ads for some accounts I ran with fewer followers.

    If you still use Twitter, you should know that some people get an ad-free experience.

  • Now Twitter thinks I have 49 tweets. I don’t, though. Or maybe I do. But they apparently don’t exist. Or do exist.

  • Matt Haughey is also done with Twitter.


  • To delete all my tweets, I used a for-pay service called TweetDeleter. I downloaded my archive from Twitter and then uploaded to the service, which then deleted my tweets.

    It cost like $10, but that’s fine. I only have to do it once. :)

  • Deleted all my tweets. Twitter thinks there are four, but they seem to be un-findable. Changed my profile settings to reflect the fact that I’m finished with Twitter.


  • Not every Wednesday, but some Wednesdays, it’s breakfast-for-lunch day.

    Today is one of those Wednesdays — and, to make it even better, it’s pancakes. Yes!

  • Getting stung by a bee hurts way more than it seems like it should. How can something so small hurt that much?

    But it stopped hurting before I actually got to work.

  • I got stung by a bee on the way to work this morning.

    It was the tip of the middle finger of my left hand. I felt something crawling behind my left ear, flipped it away, saw the bee fall to the ground, thought “Oh good, at least it didn’t sting me,” and then felt the sting.

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