• From 2003, by James Duncan Davidson: Ten Things I Dig About Xcode

    Xcode’s about 15 year old. Before that was Project Builder.

  • Reminder: follow @omni for all your OmniDog pictures. :)

  • Dave Verwer’s new iOS Dev Directory is very cool. Includes OPML files so you can bulk-subscribe in your favorite RSS reader.


  • Here’s Dave Lonning, Documentation Wrangler and our guest on the latest episode of The Omni Show:

  • I actually figured out the secret to human happiness years ago — I just keep forgetting to say.

    It’s that, when you show up, people are happy to see you, and you show that you’re happy to see them.

  • One time when I was a teenager I wanted to try the stunt of jumping out of a moving car.

    Probably 1984. We were in my friend’s ’66 Mustang. He slowed way, way down — like 5 miles an hour. We figured we should be careful!

    We were in our development. At night. No other cars on the street or likely to be.

    I was in the back seat. I opened the door and jumped — but super-carefully, just kinda horizontally — out into the grass besides the car.

    I still remember the feeling of my leg grazing the back wheel, and I remember my heart pounding as I realize how close I came to having my leg run over.

    No, we hadn’t been drinking. This is the kind of dumb stuff we did when we couldn’t find any beer.

  • In 2013 I wrote that I hope Apple doesn’t release a smart watch.

    Of course they did, and I’ve been wearing one ever since.

    This is, of course, how things erode. There’s always a good reason to move the line. Not just for tech.

  • Every five years or so, I try subscribing to The Verge and TechCrunch, and it lasts about a day.

    So much to not care about.

  • Webintosh was one of my favorite blogs.

  • Here’s the AppleScript FAQ in 1997.

  • I had totally forgotten until just now about my old Mac scripting linkblog. Found it on archive.org.

    Looks like a microblog to me. :)

  • This is from an old family album. I don’t know what relative it is. It’s wonderful, though.

  • Anyway. Silo went out of business not long after.


  • The first Mac Sheila and I bought was a Performa 405.

    Silo had a 90 days same-as-cash deal. We scrimped and saved to pay it off in time. We made it!

    Then had to jump through a whole bunch of lengthy hoops to get a refund of around $90 that they mistakenly charged. They charged us the interest we would have owed.

    Maybe we were the first people ever to successfully pay off a 90 days same-as-cash thing in the 90 days?

  • Thing I just learned about is the Laser 128, an Apple II clone.

  • This classic article on source lists from 2005 by Sven-S. Porst is a good reminder that Mac UI has gotten more self-consistent since those days.

  • NetNewsWire 3.0 never actually looked like this screenshot. This was just some noodling around with UI very early in the development process.

    For some reason I was sick of toolbars at the top of the window. I have no idea why.

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